Home Visits

We know seniors want to stay independent and in their own homes. That is why our full team of health care providers make in-person and virtual house calls to take care of all your health needs right in your own home. Our patients say that’s music to their ears, especially as they seek to avoid the potential risk of exposure to COVID-19 from seeking medical care outside of the home.

Orchestrated For Your Care

Your health and social needs are our No. 1 priority. We work with you and your caregivers to assess your health goals and challenges. In addition to in-home medical care, the ConcertoCare team ensures your social needs are met by providing access to transportation, food support options, caregiver supports, advanced care planning, and when needed, palliative care. These support services have become even more important due to COVID-19, which has only increased the isolation for many seniors.


A Concerto In Care

Like a concerto – composed and performed in synchronized movements – we offer coordinated programs for seniors:

  1. CarePartners In-Home Support
  2. In-Home Primary Care Provider

Each is orchestrated to improve your health outcomes and quality of life.

ConcertoCare programs are supported by a combination of in-home medical, and behavioral and social services, enhanced by proprietary care pathways, advanced analytics, and virtual care technology.

ConcertoCare delivers the right care to the right patients, right where they are best served: in their own homes.


CarePartners In-Home Support

ConcertoCare serves patients with Medicare+Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare, who have complex care needs and an existing primary care provider (PCP). Patients keep their existing doctors and benefit plans.

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In-Home Primary
Care Provider

For Medicare+Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare-only seniors who do not have a primary care provider (PCP), ConcertoCare offers in-home primary care and orchestrates a range of services to help seniors maintain physical and emotional health and independence at home.

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Latest News

ConcertoCare is a leading risk-bearing provider caring for the needs of vulnerable patient populations. Read our latest news here.

Dec 14, 2023

A Framework for Collaboration in Advance Care Planning

The role of Palliative care as an integrated element of cardiology continues to grow, allowing cardiology care teams more opportunities to introduce processes such as advance care planning as part of ongoing treatment. A recent study led by ConcertoCare Medical Director Todd Barrett, MD, examined the unique perspectives of cardiac ...

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Dec 12, 2023

Facilitators and Barriers to Cardiac Palliative Care Clinic Development

Patients with heart failure frequently have significant disease burden and complex care needs. However, a recent study examined how integrating palliative care as part of the greater care management of these patients can help to decrease symptom burden throughout the illness. The outcomes of the study found that integrating palliative ...

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