ConcertoHealth and Perfect Health Are Now ConcertoCare

NEW YORK, February 10, 2021 -- Risk-based senior health care provider Perfect Health today announced it will unite operations with ConcertoHealth under one new company name, ConcertoCare, to deliver unrivaled in-home health care services to seniors. ConcertoCare is backed by Deerfield Management Company, the nation's largest dedicated health care investment firm.

According to the Institute for Aging, there are more than 40 million seniors in the U.S., with the fastest-growing segment being those who are 85 and older. Senior health care can be chaotic. Lack of coordination between primary care, specialists, behavioralists, long-term supports and services, and caregivers leads to unnecessary ER visits, hospitalizations and nursing home admissions, often for preventable conditions that can be treated safely at home.

Both the ConcertoHealth and Perfect Health brands have proven tech-enabled in-home care models that offer all-inclusive care to seniors in value-based care models. Under ConcertoCare, these models will continue to deliver significant improvements in the health and well-being of seniors who benefit from receiving care in their homes while expanding the company's product offerings and geographic footprint.

The new ConcertoCare will be led by an executive leadership team with deep experience heading Medicare and Medicaid risk-bearing provider organizations and technologically advanced health care businesses. At the helm will be Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Julian Harris.

ConcertoCare's proprietary technology platform, Patient 3D, enables a 360-degree view of the patient's health care data, unmet social needs, care plan and quality improvement opportunities in ways that uniquely power the delivery of complex care in the home.

Some seniors also have unmet social needs, like socialization, access to food and transportation, and support for their caregivers, that go unaddressed by providers who lack ConcertoCare's holistic, in-home care model. COVID-19 has exacerbated all of these medical and social challenges, putting many seniors at increased risk of hospitalization and nursing home placement at a time when their desire to remain independent and in their own homes could not be greater. 

Given ConcertoCare's presence in Washington state, where COVID-19 first accelerated in the U.S., the company helped to pioneer many of the approaches to safely caring for seniors during this pandemic through a combination of telehealth and in-person care delivered by providers with appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

"ConcertoCare has been orchestrated from the ground up to provide comprehensive telehealth and in-person in-home care to seniors with a health care team focused solely on improving patients' health, quality of life and independence," Dr. Harris said. "We treat patients as soloists in their own concertos, accompanied by a supportive care team that partners with them, their other providers and caregivers to achieve their health goals and deliver care where seniors are best served: in their homes."

For Dr. Harris, this work is personal: "I watched my maternal grandfather spend his 80s lovingly caring for my grandmother, in their home, as she suffered from Alzheimer's disease. He had support from an ecosystem of providers, but my family had to coordinate everything on our own. ConcertoCare can now arrange and organize these services for seniors and their families so that they can focus on living their best lives and making every day count."

ConcertoCare's Three-Part Care Model
Similar to a concerto consisting of three movements, ConcertoCare offers a three-part care model, each part orchestrated to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for a defined population of seniors. The programs are supported through a combination of in-home clinical, behavioral and social supports and services and enhanced by ConcertoCare's proprietary care pathways, advanced analytics and virtual care technology.

  1. ConcertoCare Partners: Serves seniors with Medicare+Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare who have complex care needs and an existing primary care provider (PCP).
  2. In-Home Primary Care Provider: For Medicare+Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare-only seniors who need or would like a PCP who sees them in their home, ConcertoCare offers in-home and virtual primary care.
  3. PACE Services: The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is for seniors who have Medicare+Medicaid, Medicare Advantage or Medicare only who seek to remain independent and in their homes but whose medical conditions meet the criteria for nursing home-level care.

New Additions to the Executive Team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Julian Harris
Prior to ConcertoCare, Dr. Harris served as president of CareAllies, a group of Cigna-affiliated value-based physician group management service organizations and home-based primary care companies. Prior to Cigna, Dr. Harris was an adviser to Google Ventures (GV) focused on tech-enabled health care service businesses. A national leader in the movement to value-based care, he previously led the health care team in the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). During Dr. Harris' time at OMB, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) greatly accelerated the development and implementation of value-based care programs focused on improving quality and reducing costs in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

He also served as the chief executive of the Massachusetts Medicaid program. During his tenure, the agency deepened its partnerships with the state's Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) and developed a unique, capitation-based Medicaid accountable care organization (ACO) program. He and his team also built an integrated approach to addressing medical, behavioral and unmet social needs into a first-of-its-kind model of care and financing for patients with Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Harris trained in internal medicine and primary care at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital, worked as a clinical consultant for BestDoctors and currently serves as an adjunct professor at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also an investment partner on the health care services and technology team at Deerfield.

Chief Financial Officer Dinesh Ganesan
Ganesan brings to ConcertoCare more than 25 years of health care industry finance and strategy experience. Previously, he served as the CFO for Kaiser Permanente's markets outside of California, overseeing the finance strategy for both care delivery and health plan operations. He has also held senior health care finance roles at Cigna and Johns Hopkins with responsibilities that included financial oversight for provider joint ventures and value-based care programs.

About ConcertoCare 
ConcertoCare is one of the nation's leading risk-based health care companies focused on providing integrated care for seniors where they are best served: in their homes. ConcertoCare's programs are designed for seniors with the same core, in-home care model and composed collaboratively with patients. The programs are supported by a combination of in-home medical, behavioral and social services and enhanced via advanced proprietary technologies. The ConcertoCare model improves overall health quality and outcomes with a proven track record of reducing hospital admits by 47%, readmits by 40% and ER visits by 16% while achieving an increase of 38% in annual wellness visits for the most vulnerable patient populations in the U.S., benefiting patients, payers and provider networks alike.

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