LetsGetChecked partners with ConcertoHealth to provide COVID-19 tests for the frail and vulnerable

New York, NY, June 24, 2020 – Leading direct-to-consumer at-home testing and health insights company, ​LetsGetChecked​, has today announced a partnership with premier home-based complex care provider, ​ConcertoHealth​, allowing it to provide its FDA EUA authorized Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sure-Track tests to at-risk individuals who, because of their age, severe medical problems, low income, or disabilities, are eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid.

ConcertoHealth is pleased to partner with LetsGetChecked and has already begun testing these vulnerable populations in Washington State, with plans to expand this care to other markets, including Ohio. Using data analysis and insights to determine their testing strategy, they’ve started with the most at-risk groups first. The kits will be used on their own patients, and when one tests positive and lives in congregate housing, ConcertoHealth will administer tests provided by local public health departments to other residents and caregivers, addressing a pressing public health need. Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing allows ConcertoHealth to determine the best actions and course of care for its patients’ wider health needs, regardless of a positive or negative result. Over 80% of its patients have been diagnosed with at least three chronic illnesses and nearly half have been diagnosed with mental health problems. By utilizing LetsGetChecked’s solution, ConcertoHealth’s clinical teams will be able to more effectively care for their patients.

The partnership with LetsGetChecked will allow the ConcertoHealth team to collect swab samples from patients’ nasal cavity and send them to a laboratory for complete RT PCR assay that is 100% sensitive and specific to the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which means if the swab sample contains the Coronavirus, it will be detected. Once processed, the results will be delivered back to patients’ LetsGetChecked accounts within 24 hours, as well as communicated to ConcertoHealth to assist with the clinical next steps.

In May, LetsGetChecked received FDA EUA-authorization for their new Sure-track test for COVID-19, which was specifically designed to relieve pressure on over-stretched hospital services, frontline healthcare workers, and at-risk groups by offering convenient and secure results in 24 hours. LetsGetChecked’s Sure-track Test is the only FDA EUA-authorized at-home Coronavirus (COVID-19) test that owns all aspects of the testing service, including the collection kit manufacturing process, logistics, lab analysis and physician approval, offering a robust system that delivers unmatched safety and scale for customers. The at-home Coronavirus test is accompanied by LetsGetChecked’s connected platform offering 24/7 telehealth services supported by licensed healthcare professionals and timely guidance on containment and care for those who test positive.

With a current capacity of 300,000 units per week, LetsGetChecked’s own CLIA/CAP/BSL II certified high complexity laboratory based in Monrovia, California is building toward a capacity of millions per week in order to meet the demand of partners and individuals in all 50 states. To date, LetsGetChecked has worked with global leaders from today’s top companies and frontline healthcare workers to offer coronavirus tests to more than 100,000 people.

Dr. Dodd, chief clinical officer of ConcertoHealth said: “At the center of the outbreak in Washington, we were developing best practices early on. By deploying timely in-home testing, we can alleviate pressure on our hospitals and inform appropriate treatments, while keeping our colleagues and communities safe. There is no better time for us to step up and meet the needs of our frail and vulnerable patients in their homes than now.”

Peter Foley, CEO of LetsGetChecked said:​ ​“ConcertoHealth is an innovative, technologically advanced and committed company, much like LetsGetChecked. Its team carries out hugely important work on the front line of healthcare, looking after the health of the most vulnerable populations in the states in which it operates. We’re privileged to be able to provide a solution that enables organizations like Concertohealth to continue their vital work at this time.”

Frontline organizations in the USA and Europe with similar testing requirements can get in touch with LetsGetChecked via response@letsgetchecked.com                                      

About LetsGetChecked:

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