Direct Contracting

Perfect Health DCE, LLC

400 West Cummings Park, Suite 6475
Woburn MA 01801

A DCE is a group of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers who agree to work together to keep you healthy. All members of Perfect Health DCE agree to work together to see that you get the right care at the right time. We will help everyone work together to give you better care. We will coordinate your care according to your individual medical needs and treatment choices. We will protect your medical records and privacy. We will work to reduce duplicate tests and duplicate paperwork that cost you time and money.

Primary Contact

Peter Emigh
(702) 467-3483

Perfect Health DCE Participant Providers

  • Alan Abrams, MD
  • Karin Broden, MSN / ANP-BC
  • Elena Chapman, NP
  • Cara Chevalier, MD
  • Bethany Gentlemen, NP
  • Sarah Hillios, MSN/CRNP
  • Rachel Milano, MD
  • Christine Murphy, NP-C
  • Elizabeth Nelson-Frazier, MS / NP
  • Daniel Oates, MD / MSC
  • Zaleh Parham, NP
  • Lorraine Pigeon, ANP-BC
  • Sheridan Reiger, MD
  • Jim Shay, NP
  • Michele Waldron, NP
  • Monera Wong, MD
  • Ziad Alfarah, MD
  • Joanne Ford, NP
  • Rosita Cadalin, NP
  • Hyerim Jeon, NP
  • Ju Hye Kim, NP
  • Ngozi Onuachu, NP
  • Angella Mashkabova, PA
  • Bachor Siyvnova, PA
  • Guang Yao, PA
  • Vyacheslov Davydov, PA
  • Roni Rafilov, NP
  • Irina Churbakov, NP
  • Mayya Babayeva, NP
  • Olga Yushuvayeva, NP
  • Gina Mikhailov, NP
  • Brenda Behar, PA
  • Yuliya Tabibova, PA
  • Erik Iliyayev, MD
  • Lev Yakubov, PA
  • Maria Bangieva, NP

Perfect Health DCE, LLC Leadership Team

Douglas Thompson, Board Member and Advisor
Alan Abrams, MD, SVP, Chief Geriatrician
Bart Bracken, Chief Clinical Data Officer
Peter Emigh, SVP Geriatric Primary Care

Perfect Health DCE, LLC Governing Body

Douglas Thompson, Board Member and Advisor, Perfect Health Inc.
Alan Abrams, MD, SVP, Chief Geriatrician, Perfect Health Inc.
Peter Emigh, SVP Geriatric Primary Care, Perfect Health Inc.
Howard Hall, Beneficiary (Retired)
Paul J. Lanzikos, Consumer Advocate