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The Role of Payment and Financing in Achieving Health Equity

As part of its July 2022 Health Equity Summit, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) convened a payment and financing workgroup consisting of five health policy experts, including ConcertoCare CEO Dr. Julian Harris...

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In the News Nov 29, 2023

Tacking Upwind: Reducing Spending Among High-risk Commercially Insured Patients

Using medical spending claims and other enrollment data, the study assessed the demographic and clinical characteristics, medical spending, and clinical event rates of patients in the ACO and its high-risk care management program...

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In the News May 22, 2023

Population Turnover and Leakage in Commercial ACOs

Commercial accountable care organization (ACO) contracts attempt to mitigate spending growth, but past evaluations have been limited to continuously enrolled ACO members in health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, excluding many members...

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In the News Apr 24, 2023

Hospice, Palliative Care Leaders Foresee a ‘New Normal’ for 2023

Hospice News spoke with a group of industry leaders — from publicly traded companies, private firms and nonprofit organizations — about the major trends and most pressing concerns on their radar for 2023. Our CEO Julian Harris, MD, MBA shared his thoughts on how threats from COVID-19 and other health regulations will play a role for seniors to receive care. Read more.....

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In the News Mar 16, 2023

Total artificial heart implantation: supportive care preparedness planning framework

Decision making for a TAH is complex. There is an urgency and patients do not always have capacity. Identifying legal decision makers and social support is critical. The surrogate decision makers should be included in preparedness planning including discussions about end-of-life care and treatment discontinuation. Having palliative care as members of the interdisciplinary mechanical circulatory support team can assist in these preparedness conversations...

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In the News Mar 10, 2023

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