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Prevalence of Violence against Providers in Heart and Lung Transplant Programs

Through a brief survey to attendees at the 2022 International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Nearly half of the participants in our survey reported that they or a coworker had experienced the threat of physical violence and 12% experienced actual acts of violence. The study fills an important gap in the evidence by adding heart and lung organ transplantation programs to the list of settings in which workplace violence is very likely to occur. The reasons for an increased likelihood of violence against transplant program providers and highlight ways to mitigate the risk for violence in this setting...

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In the News Mar 08, 2023

Health IT Predictions to Watch in 2023

ConcertoCare CEO Julian Harris, MD, MBA shares his outlook for 2023 on how health IT systems will shape care delivery for seniors and its impact to coordinated care, both in and out of the home. Read more.....

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In the News Jan 23, 2023

When the Process Is the Problem: Racial/Ethnic and Language Disparities in Care Management

Race/ethnicity and language-based disparities exist at every process level within a large health system's care management program, from selection to outreach. These results underscore the importance of assessing for disparities not just in outcomes but also in program processes, to prevent population health innovations from inadvertently creating new inequities...

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In the News Dec 09, 2022

Reshaping Healthcare Delivery for Senior Patients

Healthcare’s most vulnerable patients meet a fragmented system when they seek to simultaneously address chronic comorbidities, behavioral health challenges, and social needs. In response, ConcertoCare employs a multidisciplinary team and offers an integrated approach to clinical care, behavioral health, and social services...

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In the News Aug 16, 2022

Peering Inside Home Health

Drawing on his perspectives from clinical, innovation and policy ConcertoCare CEO Julian Harris describes how he thinks about the different levers that can be adjusted to improve quality while ensuring that healthcare is affordable. He talks about the main goal of incentivizing providers to practice evidence-based medicine and adjusting key levers including the number of people covered...

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In the News Aug 12, 2022

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