ConcertoCare Partners

Who We Serve

The ConcertoCare Partners program is designed for individuals with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare + Medicaid (Duals) who have an existing primary care provider (PCP). ConcertoCare’s multidisciplinary teams of in-home clinicians, pharmacists, social workers, health coaches, and others work closely with these individuals and their PCPs to support their health care journeys.

If you are eligible for the ConcertoCare Partners program, you will receive outreach via your existing health plan. Please use our Get In Touch page if you would like more information about our ConcertoCare Partners programs in Ohio and North Carolina.

What We Offer

The ConcertoCare Partners program brings essential care direct to individuals’ homes, helping to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and nursing home placements. Through virtual and in-person conversations and collaboration with individuals’ existing PCPs, we deliver additional in-home services to help maintain these individuals’ physical and emotional health, support their social needs, and enhance their overall independence.

How It Works

The ConcertoCare Partners program is sometimes called a “wraparound program,” because members of the program keep their existing doctors and health plans, while ConcertoCare’s expert in-home teams support their holistic health by “wrapping around” these members and their existing doctors.

We go the extra mile to ensure that care is closely coordinated with PCPs, even when it may be hard for members to see them in person. We use our proven model to create a consistent flow of information between our care teams and members’ PCPs, to ensure all parties are united in the care plan, and members of the program have greater control over their health.