Partnering with providers to advance value-based care for patients through coordination and care team communications.


Provider Collaboration

Our In-Home Care Team provides clinical services in support of plans’ existing network providers. We serve Medicare, Medicaid, and other health plan members, including MMP and Dual Eligible member populations. Collaboration with network providers is core to what we do. 

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Coordinated Communication

PCPs become champions of our program, referring patients back into the intensive model of care when they see warning signs or functional declines. We ensure we’re delivering communication to support:

Network Communication – ConcertoCare partners with you to communicate the partnership and inclusive services to your patients.

Pre-Visit Communication – ConcertoCare establishes a collaborative relationship with a patient's primary care provider to build a two-way channel of communication.

Inter-Visit Communication – Our partners keep providers and specialists connected to patients through advanced EHR systems and timely patient updates to ensure all parties are aligned.

Repatriation – We repatriate the patient back to their primary provider, ensuring clinical teams have all documentation and a warm handoff occurs.

Our Approach

We value the opportunity to work alongside providers to care for patients, and appreciate the opportunity to deliver in-home care. ConcertoCare deploys physician-led interdisciplinary teams, including clinicians, pharmacists, nurses, and social workers among others, to care for patients. Together, we create a new patient-first future that takes a holistic approach to deliver measurable outcomes and improved health. Learn more about how we can work together.