Dive Deep into OurTechnology


Patient3D® is ConcertoCare’s proprietary population health platform that aggregates multiple data sources to support advanced patient stratification and cohorting. We combine multiple data sources for relevant patient populations into the Patient3D platform for analysis to further inform necessary interventions and risk reduction, thereby developing a holistic view of each patient. 

We deploy advanced analytics and predictive algorithms, combined with deep primary care expertise, to accurately identify and devise appropriate care plans for members predicted to have increased near-term healthcare costs.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our remote patient monitoring platform enables 24/7 monitoring and information-sharing that is leveraged both by clinical team members and caregivers. The use of new smart tech devices helps to facilitate early detection and mitigate and prevent crises that lead to ED and inpatient utilization.

Virtual Visits

Our virtual care platform enables a patient-centered and easy-to-use virtual care experience for patients, without the need to download an application. Visits can be initiated and accessed through SMS text message. “Assisted telehealth” is supported by care team members that provide in-home assistance as needed to ensure the patient is comfortable with the technology and can engage with the physician through a virtual visit.

We utilize technology not to replace human touch but to help us provide and augment our care model where and when it is needed.